DeAnn Detlor

About Me

I really love what I do. It should be no surprise to those who know me well. For example, when I was about six or seven, I tried to sell my sister DeAnn a life insurance policy while playing with some outdated life insurance manuals. After school, around age thirteen, I filed and reviewed changes to make certain they were accurate. During semester breaks from college, I learned more about the insurance business and how to help clients with their questions and concerns. I was becoming a third generation insurance professional, one might say “it is in my blood”.

My grandfather, Tom Detlor, started selling life insurance policies door to door in 1936. Back in his day premiums were collected weekly, and often, like today, he dealt with women, as the men were off to war (World War II). I’ve heard stories about how he would visit on this or that particular time or day depending on what the homemaker was baking, or fixing for lunch.

My parents, Robert and Ev Detlor, worked out of our garage converted to an office selling automobile, home, and small commercial insurance. I remember how clients would stop by the house to conduct business. My parents worked very hard and as a result the business grew and in October of 1971 they moved our office to its present location, 38 Fifth Street, Belleville, Michigan.

Today our business continues to evolve and grow. Our team of insurance professionals use the latest technology to help people find solutions to their insurance needs. We offer multi policy discounts for life and umbrella policies which helps reduce the cost of auto and home, mobilehome, condo insurance. We are constantly at work, exceeding our client’s expectations. The development of this simple website is just one more example of our level of commitment to save our clients time and money. No matter how things evolve, the one thing that will never change is insurance is all about serving people.
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my family and me.